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i swear the professors in my department are on crack.

i just had one email me asking to use my assignment for some paper she is writing and to distribute it to the students in my class struggling with this shit, and for future students. she said, and i quote “this is really much better than most of the work i have been doing with these things.” 

what the fuck.

like she has got to be kidding me. i worked on that shit for close to 20 hours. almost cried over it. i still feel like i didn’t do it right or understand it completely. 

i feel like she is just fucking with me. or sent this email to multiple people, and i was just one of the many.

and this is on top of the other prof giving me a 91 on an assignment i turned in a day late and still didn’t have it finished. he said it was “beyond an A+ and only deducted points due to lateness.” the fuck. 

they’re both crazy. seriously. 

everyone in the hied program is on crack. moral of that story.

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